Travelaggio: Hilton Plaza (Hurghada, Egypt)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hilton Plaza (Hurghada, Egypt)

Actually we've chosen it occasionally while looking for windsurfing spot with convenient accommodation and reasonable price. We decided to try but were not absolutely self-confident to visit such dedicated places as Dahab or so.

Hilton Plaza seems the only 5 star branded one in Hurghada having the ideal conditions for learning. The details about our windsurfing part of the trip will follow later.


General view from the sea with windsurf storage and yellow excursion boats in the foreground

The hotel is very compact both indoor/outdoor. Situated near mosque and former centre of the city. However the territory is isolated well enough from the environment so you feel absolutely relaxed. The left border is with another hotel. And the right one – marina with a great number of diving and excursion boats. Diving club is here as well.

Hotel consists of the main building and bungalows in front of it. Rooms in bungalows are mostly more spacious and expensive than those standard of the main building. The width of the territory merely equals the width of the building. And the walking distance to the beach is 3-5 minutes. So it is really small. But don’t be afraid to get lost in the crowd. There are only 225 rooms (or the like). A vacant sun bed is guaranteed all day long.

On the way to the beach
  Internal structure

The main levels are:
- The level of the entrance (from the street), lobby, restaurants, swimming pool, shops

- The level of the beach (two floors below the entrance), bungalows, the lowest living floor of the main building (1st floor), fitness & spa center, kids club. Actually the beach is even lower and accessible through a number of leading down walking paths.

There is one more living level between the 1st floor and the lobby – 2nd floor and three more above the lobby: floors 3-5.

Two transparent old fashioned elevators and the stairs nearby. There are two more outdoor top-to-bottom staircases (at the left/right end of the building). Don’t forget to visit for some panoramic photos.

Several more staircases around the pool connect lobby level and the bottom one. The fitness, spa together with kids club is right below the swimming pool – at the far left end of the 1st floor.

What else should be noted? The rooms of the 1st floor (standard ones) have twice more spacious terraces than those on higher floors. Though somebody would probably not be happy with the footpaths proximity. For me large terrace is great and paths are separated by a wide lawn and a bit lower.

No matter what exact room or bungalow you get the sea view is in the box as well.

The pool.

The only one pool is on the large open terrace two floors above the beach level. The pool itself is not so large. It has kids’ area and bar in the middle. No more information as we didn’t try it at all.

The fitness.

The fitness room is not so spacious but even rarely half-occupied. A couple of elliptic, a couple of running belts and cycling. Power trainers are not duplicated anyway gathering dust. The open hours are fixed but I used to come at 6-7 in the morning – the doors were open.


All inclusive board covers almost all the restaurants and bars so forget about hunger and thirst but don’t overuse otherwise your scales wouldn’t please you afterwards.

Main restaurant in the lobby – Coral Café is used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the format of buffet within comprehensive all inclusive board. It is big enough. Though there’s a strong lack of outdoor sitting places at dinner time.

Lobby bar has only beverages both all-inclusive list and extra.

Lobby bar

Beach restaurant – Bambuti offers a la carte salads-pizza/pasta-burgers menu. Short list of all-inclusive dishes is served as well. A good alternative to take a break from boring main buffet or just to stay by the beach (or surf).

Kalian terrace and beach restaurant in the background

Beach bar has ice-cream and drinks (all-incl.).

Additional advice: fruit shops are within a walking distance from the gates (to the left, near the mosque). Mango is a must. Figs or something else is up to preferences. Fresh made juices are also recommended. Tons of happiness cost a couple bucks.


Are waiting for renovation but not dramatically – remember where you are. Cleaning is rather individual. Some of the guys (i.e. cleaners, no women) really do their best.


The sea is Red. Blue colored Red Sea. By the way the whole region is named Red Sea with the centre in Hurghada.

From the room (1-st floor)

All the swimming area is a part of artificial lagoon with sand specially brought. There are no big waves – almost ideal for families with kids – though a bit disappointing for those fish watching snorkelers.

By the way windsurfers are training in the separated part of the same lagoon.

The beach is large enough considering the number of guests. Beach volleyball area, football field, playground, mini golf figures are in the second line.


We used to entertain ourselves and usually are against most aggressive forms of animation. However animation team of Hilton Plaza was delicate enough and thus not so annoying. We even attend some night shows and beach games.


The hotel is perfectly balanced in terms of price – package value. Could be recommended for families with small kids. Highly recommended for those who dare to try windsurfing and want to feel comfortable enough and not to spend a heap of money for all of it.

North Wind windsurfing school is just by the hotel beach

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