Travelaggio: Shopping requires sacrifice

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shopping requires sacrifice

Sacrifice, in fact, was not required. Almost.
Serravalle Scrivia, or just Serravalle which is near Genova perhaps the most famous application point of efforts and money of compatriots and not only. At least those who care what and at what cost to wear.

Here is one of the trade centers of McArthur Glen designer outlets chain. Such a fashionable village. The place itself is quite remarkable and  blissful in its own way.

Exciting dance of cherished fratelli rosetti, pal zileri, prada, gucci, ferragamo, pollini, vicini, etro… Uff! Too carried away. Atmosphere of creative chaos limited only by a credit line of overwritten plastic.  Happy faces on both sides of the hospitable counters.

Having flown from Moscow to Milano, you realize that on Tverskaya you were shamelessly robbed.  Having gone a hundred and fifty further to Serravalle, you begin to understand more and more.
Starting point.

Val d’Isère, а very ski-ful place, is as cozy as the elegant and caressing eyes. Return here is a must, and absolutely impossible to leave it. It stays with you forever. It remains the magical crunch of croque monsieur, perpetual Christmas night lighting, deceptive accessibility of  Face and very real availability of huge Espace Killy. And this New Year delight, almost forgotten since childhood (that also asks at least for a moment return) won't ever let you go!

To leave one paradise for another is always a sort of sacrifice. Nevertheless the logo of the first one involuntarily recalls about more down-to-earth side of life, though this respected brand is not presented in Serravalle.
Right route way takes 400 km. Do not believe Michelin, if the planned route would be around 300 or even shorter. This is a summer one. No way in winter. To be safe, you can put an intermediate point, for example, Moûtiers. As a result, a list of basic items is as follows: Val d’Isère, Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Moûtiers, Albertville, Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, Tunnel du Fréjus, Bardonecchia, Torino, Asti, Alessandria, Serravalle Scrivia.

At the border FRA/ITA, while paying for travel through the tunnel Fréjus, it makes sense to buy a return ticket (discounted), for the case you would like to get back.

Finally at the exit from the highway A7 Milano-Genova we are met by the pointer:
How it was.
Skiing that day had to be cut heartlessly. Already in the dark driving into our destination. Lap of honor round the dormant outlets and begin to look for the hotel. Already at a decent distance attracted to three-star one with the picturesque ruins view. Рaving stone, provincial entrancement - stunningly! And now - to Genova! Dinner wanted!

A few laps in the centre - everything is closed! Finally found, apparently the only one - thanks to the taxi drivers. Excuse me: forgot the name. Inside - not a living soul but  queue of the waiters - waiting for! Ours introduced: Charlie Brown - and true - absolutely black. Well now, hold me seven! The holiday's next day, today - anticipation!

At 10 AM, to the very opening, but in another way we can't in fact. Ladies dissolve in a whirl of endorphins. Men cautiously make their way through the dangerous and alluring territory. Trunks and cabins are filled with packets. Packets are compressed  then repackaged…

Two still young guys are sitting in the car and waiting for their forever-tireless girl friends. Silently. Half an hour. Not a word. Shopping SATISFIED!

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